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No sleep 'till Brooklyn (what we learned in New York)

Justin visits Spotify, Chartable, and many others. Jon found an office!

Once you launch, you're immediately behind

We want to improve the app, but we're stuck fixing bugs!

Your backlog is making me thirsty

Jon had a bit of anxiety about a growing backlog of new features and ideas.

What if there's an accident?

Also: tips for working on your own.

Jon's big announcement

Jon makes an overdue announcement about the future of Transistor.

I want to work at Transistor.fm

Bootstrapping, starting a software company, getting traction, finding cofounders?

We took funding (from our customers)

How we're going to use investment to fuel Transistor's growth

"I can't believe you're using that in production"

Also: we were wrong about our target market.

How big of a market should you target?

Transistor's launch has felt different than other products we've been involved with

Four different git branches in various unfinished states

How do you prioritize with limited resources?

You can't put me in a box

Software engineer? Marketing? Product person?

Wrestling with our company's growth

Should we aggressively go after the market?

Burn it all to the ground

Would you take $5 million?

Keeping the dream alive in Portland

We visit Oregon to answer some big questions about our business.

The "charge more" debate

Ben Orenstein, Jordan Gal, Patrick Campbell, and I discuss SaaS pricing

Taylor Otwell: "PHP (and a cheap laptop) changed my life"

How Taylor earns a living from a free, open-source PHP framework called Laravel

The market for your startup matters

I phoned up Spencer Fry, founder of Podia

When should bootstrappers get paid?

When should you take a salary from your startup?

Worst day ever

What happens when your app breaks on a Sunday

Pro athletes are mocking me on the internet

Also: have you signed up for your app with your own credit card?

Do startups need specialists or generalists?

Startup Kung-Fu, enterprise customers, status page, podcasting docs

Full-on sweatpants mode

Jon ran into a famous podcasting man

Did we solve our bandwidth cost crisis?

And, our accountant might be a socialist ;)

Counting beans and getting hit by a bus

Justin is worried about bandwidth costs and Jon is worried about getting hit by a bus.

Is this the best time to start a podcasting startup?

The CEO of Chartable calls up Justin to talk about bootstrapping and podcasting

Getting real: sharing our founder struggles

It's a struggle when you're bootstrapping, but you're not yet full-time. Also: Spotify buying Gimlet for $200 million?

How to grow your audience

Want more paying subscribers? More Twitter followers? More podcast listeners?

Should startups worry about their competition?

Are your SaaS competitors keeping you up at night?

Marketing tactics for your SaaS: how to get the word out

Looking for ideas on how to promote your software product?

Our predictions for 2019

Why we're not drinking booze this year, and some new year's predictions for tech, podcasting, and startups

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