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This week, Jon and Justin celebrate 100 episodes:
  • Jon was on the Cody Story podcast awhile back.
  • Justin, on the other hand, loves writing testimonials:
  • "We are in our mid-life crisis of SaaS building. I think, for me, the problem is not quite knowing what's next."
  • Is this the time we hire a business coach? 
  • Where does your personal motivation for work come from?
  • What difference are we trying to make in the world?
  • Derek Sivers: "You've got to take off the old clothes in order to put on the new clothes."
  • Organizational cadence: what team retreats do we do each year?
  • Inertia: "things don't move unless you apply an external force to them."
  • "Brian Rhea seems thoughtful about this kind of stuff."
  • Jon has been using AlpineJS by Caleb Porzio – it's really nice.
  • Vampire movie recommendation: Let the Right One In
  • Justin is contacting our winners from the contest. (We used for this)
    • 410 registrations
    • 64 people were already on our MailChimp list.
    • 55 of these people have been a customer at some point (trial + paid)
  • Printing and sending t-shirts via Printful.

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