Chris Enns

Chris Enns

Owner of Lemon Productions

Appears in 144 Episodes

The gang goes to Montréal

The whole Transistor team got together for a retreat in Montréal. Jon, Justin, Helen, and Jason chat about the experience.

Jon & Justin reveal everything (part 2)

As a part of Transistor's 4-year anniversary, Jon and Justin answer your questions

Jon & Justin reveal everything (part 1)

Transistor celebrates 4 years since the launch

Bootstrapping in France (Baptiste Jamin from Crisp)

An interview with Baptiste Jamin, the co-founder of Crisp. Crisp is affordable, high-quality customer support software.

What's it like getting acquired by Spotify? (Dave Zohrob from Chartable)

An interview with Dave Zohrob, co-founder of Chartable podcast analytics

Patrick Campbell: why ProfitWell sold to Paddle for $200M

Competing with ChartMogul and Baremetrics, whether you should "go big," and why the market is important

Going from $0 to $2 million in ARR in 7 years (the Missive story)

Three French Canadians built a profitable indie SaaS

Taylor Otwell: the business of Laravel in 2022

Becoming a better leader, so that your product can grow and thrive.

Why Customer Support = Startup Success

"Customer Support may be the most under-appreciated role in SaaS."

What's it really like to work at Transistor?

We got the whole band together: Helen and Jason join Jon and Justin to talk about what it's really like to work at Transistor

Founders' retreat

Jon and Justin are reunited in the COVID capital of British Columbia

Reflecting on 2021

Jon and Justin record one last episode for 2021

Brian Casel, of Bootstrapped Web, chats about his new app

Brian talks about why ZipMessage feels different than his other SaaS projects

What does my daughter think of the podcast industry?

Justin interviews his daughter about podcast ads, women in podcasting, and how to attract more young listeners.

A few questions

We answer listener questions about bootstrapping, SaaS, and partnerships

Why should we care about our customers' feelings?

Get inspired to interview customers (with Michele Hansen)

This is a big step for us

Plus, what's with this summer SaaS slowdown?

Is venture capital bad?

Talking about venture capital with guest Spencer Fry (Podia)

Basecamp | Hiring | How to have a calm company

What happened at Basecamp? We announce our first full-time team member. And: cost/benefit analysis.

A good business will change your life (for real)

And, evil crypto Teletubbies

We're doing this and it's weird

Just the weirdness of it

Podcast companies losing money?

2021 and still no flying cars

Jason Fried – you can't control the market

A disagreement on Twitter leads to a Skype call

What happened after Simon went full time on his SaaS?

Spoiler: he doubled revenue!

Landsman on software

Ian Landsman talks about his 15-year history of building HelpSpot

How fragile is the prosumer SaaS market?

Justin lost his voice and sounds like Steve-O.

What it takes to launch a SaaS

Justin was a guest on the Framework podcast


Justin is worried. Jon says "chill."

Do you really need to build an audience?

Reverse engineering success

Break out

What do you do when you can't solve a problem on your own?

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