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Why does Jon need a co-founder?

Jon is tired from all the Black Friday madness. Justin is drinking flavored light beer.

How did you split equity in Transistor?

Justin answers listener questions on founder equity splits and more!

Interesting ways you can use a podcast

Ideas on why you should podcast, and how you can use your podcast to reach your goals

Insulating our recording studio with dollar bills

Bootstrappers are extending their runway with a new type of funding.

There's a new funding option for bootstrapped founders

Jon and Justin consider a new early-stage fund called Earnest Capital

Your startup's expenses are too high

It's easy to get carried away with the "you gotta spend money to make money" meme.

How'd you get into computers? (Apple II, PC clones, BBSes, CYBERSPACE)

Nostalgia! Jon and Justin talk about their "tech origin stories."

You forgot $20,000 in your snowboard pocket

Want to hear a crazy story? Here's a crazy story.

You drew a prototype on that napkin from Portland

Follow-up on "what's the best metric for a new web app?"

What's the most important metric for a web app?

When you're building a SaaS, you don't have the bandwidth to focus on everything. So what's the one thing you should focus on?

We have some explaining to do

Making software in public – how big is your market?

Your revenue forecast is wrong

Responses from Des Traynor, Jason Cohen, Natalie Nagele, on the Bootstrapper's Paradox.

The problem with podcasts

To make our customers successful we have to help them create entertaining audio. Is that even possible?

What's a good conversion rate for a web app?

Also: should you ask for credit card upfront? How many signups have we had since launch?

Launch week hangover

Still overwhelmed from their launch week hustle, Jon and Justin recorded a phone call to talk about their experience.

The opposite of bored money

We're 7 days away from the launch of Transistor. Justin is reflecting on bootstrapping.

Startup advice from Justin Kan, Stephanie Hulburt, and Naval

Which is better: B2C or B2B? When should you walk away from a sale? How do you make difficult decisions?

Meet me in Chicago

A change of plans. And, Jon and Justin go over their launch strategy for Transistor.

I see Spots

After last week's cliffhanger ending, here's the follow-up. What's going to happen next with Transistor?

Our Voltron needs fuel

Is the honeymoon over? Jon and Justin talk about what's not working with their new startup.

Teaser: I don't want to get crushed by the VC monster

Next week: Justin and Jon have a hard conversation about startup funding.

Bonus: building a SaaS on the side is hard!

Ben Orenstein, Derrick Reimer, and Justin Jackson discuss anxiety, increasing app usage, and tricks for building anticipation.

SaaS pricing advice from Rob Walling and Patrick Campbell

We asked Patrick Campbell (Price Intelligently) and Rob Walling (Drip) to help us with our pricing tiers.

What does Nathan Barry think of podcast hosting pricing?

Justin shares a phone call he had with Nathan, the founder of ConvertKit.

How should we price our SaaS?

Jon and Justin try to decide how much to charge for Transistor.

Should we make our revenue numbers public?

Jon and Justin debate the pros and cons of being a "transparent startup."

How to validate your product idea

Don't waste time and money building something people don't want!

Live from Las Vegas

Justin shares with Jon what he's learning at MicroConf, a conference for self-funded startups.

How to organize your time when your startup is your side-hustle

We both work full-time. Here's how we find time to work on

Startup money

Money: how to get it (and how we spend it).

We need to talk

How to communicate (and make decisions) with your co-founder.

My teenager wants to play Dungeons & Dragons

How do you know what product idea to pursue?

Six screens and a power glove

Why we’re using Ruby on Rails in 2018, and Justin's hilarious live chat experience.

What are you scared of?

When you're running a web app, there are worries that keep you up at night.

I want Castle Grayskull

Jon and Justin answer the question: how is going to compete in the crowded podcasting market?

How to find a cofounder (our story)

When building a SaaS, going alone is a tough road. But finding someone to work with can be intimidating as well. Jon and Justin talk about how they found each other, the steps they took to safeguard each other in business, and making sure they're in alignment as they try to build and launch

What does it take to build a SaaS in 2018?

In 2004, 37signals started an indie SaaS revolution when they launched Basecamp and Ruby on Rails. But can you still succeed with something new?

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