Nashville team retreat: scary birds, country music, and a photo shoot

The whole team is on the show! Jon, Helen, Jason, Josh, and Justin are on the mics to discuss our recent team retreat to Nashville, Tennessee. If you're wondering what a retreat looks like for a remote team, you'll get a lot out of this episode. We also reveal some of our exploits in Music City:
"Going to a Tiki Bar is usually a mistake."
  • (00:10) - Welcome
  • (01:15) - Highlights of our retreat in Nashville
  • (13:00) - It's not easy to get everyone together
  • (20:31) - Our schedule for the retreat
  • (26:42) - Electrolytes are a good idea
  • (32:08) - Things to improve or tips for other teams
"For 51 weeks, our small team works efficiently. Our team retreat week is a culmination of celebrations, milestones, birthdays, and holidays we might have missed. It's special to condense these moments into one week and see everyone in person to celebrate our achievements from the previous year." – Helen
  • The city you choose for your retreat will significantly influence the team's productivity and leisure activities.
  • Be intentional and set aside time for planning and product discussions.
  • A retreat is a great time for a remote team to celebrate milestones and achievements.
  • Have a balance between work activities and fun activities.
  • Simple activities like games or cards can be as fulfilling as fancy events.
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Nashville team retreat: scary birds, country music, and a photo shoot
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