"Launched" with quotation marks

Are we flailing now that our first cycle has ended?

We shipped our new feature!
  • American Express called Justin twice at 5am
  • The new enhanced podcasts feed is live.
  • Pete Marcano: “I’ll be honest, when I listened to the Build Your SaaS episode on this feature being launched, I didn’t really think much of it. Listening to this episode connected the dots. This is awesomely game changing.”
  • Now we’re technically in a “cool down” cycle” - is this how this should feel?
  • When should you push back on customers' feature requests?
  • We're looking into SSO - what a rabbit hole!
  • What happened to Spots.fm?
  • How could we help indie podcasts?

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  • Honeybadger. A web developer's secret weapon! Modern error management that gives you more than an email and a backtrace. They also have an amazing podcast: FounderQuest.

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