Should you start a startup with your spouse?

Michele and Mathias started their company with a hope for a better future

This week, Justin is joined by Michele Hansen (co-founder of Geocodio). We explore a bunch of questions:
  • What it's like to bootstrap with your spouse
  • 6:30 – where Michele and Mathias found the idea for their company
  • 7:00 – when you have kids you need diapers at 1am
  • Why people start companies
  • 7:55 – how getting pregnant motivated them to build a product
  • 10:15 – Matthias initially built a really basic geocoder for their purposes
  • 11:30 – a lot of bootstrappers get motivated to start a business after they have their first kid
  • Tyler Tringas: "Building, Owning (& possibly Selling) a profitable remote SaaS business is the new American Dream."
  • 13:20 – "we were so surprised that people wanted to pay us."

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