Bootstrapping loneliness

No safety nets – there's going to be some injuries

Jon and Justin discuss a variety of things. Warning: Justin says the f-word twice.
  • 80s trampolines
  • Jon's new microphone: mic + pop filter = $65 USD
  • Transistor's history:
    • 💻 March 2017: first-line of code
    • ✍️ Feb 2018: signed partnership docs 
    • ✉️ March 2018: invited first paying (beta) customers
    • 🎉 Aug 2018: official launch
    • 👨‍💻 April 2019: I go full-time [kind of] ($10k MRR)
    • 👨‍💻 July 2019: Jon goes full-time ($19k MRR)
  • Bootstrapping loneliness. What do you do when you're independent and you're not working for a big company?
  • The risk of "relational churn." People you know will move away, and gradually you'll lose friendships over time.
  • We're starting the 3rd week of our 6-week dev cycle (inspired by Basecamp's "Shape Up"). Justin already wants to ship it. 😜
  • How we're managing new ideas / bug requests without a backlog

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  • New: Honeybadger. A web developer's secret weapon! Modern error management that gives you more than an email and a backtrace. They also have an amazing podcast: FounderQuest.

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