Two peanut butter banana sandwiches at 2am

Jon and Justin are tracking a bunch of stuff this week:
  • We're moving from WordPress to Statamic CMS
  • "I had no idea how to set up PHP on my laptop."
  • We want to treat our marketing site the same way we work on our product
  • We're trying to optimize our PageSpeed (our current mobile score is 63, we want to get over 90)
  • "And then you came in a like a magician and lazyloaded the JavaScript"
  • "Collaborative software work is egalitarian. It doesn’t matter who did what, as long as the team is collectively accomplishing something greater than any one person could have done alone." – Jonas Downey
  • Why the pull request is a great social technology.
  • Revenue update: August has been our slowest month (for growth) thus far. Is this a seasonal slow down?
  • Our churn numbers (compared to other SaaS)

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