Change is in the air

Do you feel it?

Hear what's new from Jon and Justin on their bootstrapping journey:
  • Nothing like throwing yourself down a mountain when you're tired
  • We're seeing a big increase in support tickets here at the end of August
  • Justin has a theory: more support tickets is leading indicator for an increase in revenue
  • "When people have 'summer brain' they don't want to think about work."
  • Jon's learned some things about how enterprise sales really work
  • Listener Sarah McMullin gave us some great advice on enterprise sales as well
  • Jon tells us about doing the Ironman in Traverse City and how much time he spent in the penalty box
  • How does Slack and Tuple do enterprise billing?
  • We're going to try to use the "Shape Up" philosophy for making business decisions too.
  • Justin's thinking about how Transistor can clarify its positioning: “Who is this for?” “What challenge are they facing?” “How does your product help overcome the challenge?”
  • April Dunford on positioning: the market categories we choose make it easier to market the product. "People make decisions based on what they already know."
  • Dark mode player coming soon!
  • "Unix came about because Bell Labs hired smart people and gave them the freedom to amuse themselves, trusting that their projects would be useful more often than not." – Unix at 50

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  • New: Honeybadger. A web developer's secret weapon! Modern error management that gives you more than an email and a backtrace. They also have an amazing podcast: FounderQuest.

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