What's driving you now?

"Everybody needs to build a website for Uncle Larry"

This week, Justin is joined by Ward Sandler from MemberSpace (launched in 2015). We explore a bunch of questions:
  • How do you find a cofounder?
  • Ward explains to Justin (a Canadian) what a fraternity is.
  • What it's like doing enterprise sales.
  • How two sales guys ended up learning design and programming.
  • "Everybody needs to build a website for Uncle Larry"
  • Justin and Ward go through a sample sales phone call.
  • How they found the idea for MemberSpace through their consulting company.
  • How Ward knew there was a lot of interest in the product.
  • The unconventional reason Ward and Ryan took money from Ernest.
  • 47:25 – what to do about that feeling of dissatisfaction and listlessness. 
  • 48:45 – "You have to ask yourself: why are you constantly running? What are you trying to achieve?"
  • 49:50 – "Don't succumb to the ennui."

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