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This is a big step for us

Plus, what's with this summer SaaS slowdown?

Is venture capital bad?

Talking about venture capital with guest Spencer Fry (Podia)

Basecamp | Hiring | How to have a calm company

What happened at Basecamp? We announce our first full-time team member. And: cost/benefit analysis.

A good business will change your life (for real)

And, evil crypto Teletubbies

We're doing this and it's weird

Just the weirdness of it

Podcast companies losing money?

2021 and still no flying cars

Jason Fried – you can't control the market

A disagreement on Twitter leads to a Skype call

What happened after Simon went full time on his SaaS?

Spoiler: he doubled revenue!

Landsman on software

Ian Landsman talks about his 15-year history of building HelpSpot

How fragile is the prosumer SaaS market?

Justin lost his voice and sounds like Steve-O.

What it takes to launch a SaaS

Justin was a guest on the Framework podcast


Justin is worried. Jon says "chill."

Do you really need to build an audience?

Reverse engineering success

Break out

What do you do when you can't solve a problem on your own?

Talking about an acquisition

One of our competitors was acquired; what does that mean for us?

It's just too much

What happens when your SaaS grows 300% over the quarantine?

Waking up

Resisting oppression and resisting being an oppressor

Why there's no episode today

A quick update from Justin

Building software for 2030

Will we still be supporting Internet Explorer in a decade?

Simon is going full-time

Simon is quitting his job and going full-time on SnapShooter

They stole our idea!

What do you do when a competitor steals your idea? (plus: Justin and Jon have the giggles).People in tech get bent out of shape about who owns certain ideas, UI patter...

Starting over again on our SaaS

Catching up with the real-life stuff that's going on

What should we build next?

Bake that bread!

How coronavirus is impacting revenue

Josh Pigford sees a lot of SaaS revenue analytics; what's he seeing that we're not?


"This is like unveiling Banksy."

Pants-driven development

We're still in it

How are founders handling the pandemic?

Waking up to the coronavirus

Marie Poulin: Maybe you shouldn't start a software company

This week, Justin is joined by Marie Poulin, co-founder of Oki Doki. They discuss:Chatting with Marie Poulin, Oki Doki3:40 – "I used to be in the 'Ra Ra! Everyone shou...

All that he wants

"Sorry for the delay"

Should you start a startup with your spouse?

Michele and Mathias started their company with a hope for a better future

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