Justin is worried. Jon says "chill."
Jon and Justin talk about "optionality" in bootstrapping. (Justin is concerned, Jon thinks we should just enjoy the moment).
  • DHH: "Part of what gave us the confidence to turn down the whole world of venture capital was a small sale of equity to Jeff Bezos. That gave our personal bank accounts just enough ballast that the big numbers touted by VCs and acquisition hunters lost their lure."
  • Are we at peak podcasting? Things are good right now - will they be good for 10 years? 20 years? 
  • Fred Wilson: "Taking money off the table."
  • How much did the founders of Buffer, Robinhood, etc. take off the table? Article.
  • Des Traynor: "A founder is spending 60 months of their best years in their startup (instead of their career). That is a substantial upfront investment; it's like a seed round, but instead of money, it's your life."
  • How much richer than us is Jeff Bezos?

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