Why should we care about our customers' feelings?

Get inspired to interview customers (with Michele Hansen)

This week Justin chats with Michele Hansen, founder of Geocodio. I got fired up about interviewing customers! 
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  • "Empathy is a skill you can learn."
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  • "There's so much shame in the tech community."
  • What are the boundaries for deploying empathy? When, and how, do we deliver critiques?
  • Podcast: a respectful interview with a flat-earther 
  • "This book isn't just about deploying empathy to customers, it's also about learning to be more empathetic to your family, friends, coworkers."
  • 31:30 – we start discussing customer interviews
  • "It was easier for me to learn how to have empathy for customers than it was to have empathy for myself."
  • 42:27 – "how does empathy help businesses attract new customers, build better products?"
  • 46:53 - "Why don't you bring Jon in on those interviews?"

What should we talk about next?

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