Waking up

Resisting oppression and resisting being an oppressor
Structural racism affects every part of the economic system. It affects bootstrappers too! It defines:
  • Who we hire
  • Who we invest in
  • Who we promote
  • Who we chat with
  • Who sees our numbers
  • Who we invite to speak
  • Who gets access to our platform
"It's not just about being oppressed or being an oppressor, it's about resisting oppression and resisting being an oppressor; being an ally, being an advocate for social justice." – Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum (clip)
Right now, in cities across America, people are protesting systemic violence and oppression against Black people.

We (Jon and Justin) are waking up to how complicit we are in the system. We're seeing our privilege. We're humbled and motivated by the words of Dr. Erin Thomas:
"You can directly impact the extent to which your organization counters historical inequity, inequality & injustice."
The bootstrapping, SaaS, and startup ecosystems need to wrestle with these issues.
"How can you help? By working to dismantle a system of racism from which you reap the benefits. If you are not working to do that then you don’t actually want to help." – Kristina Daniels

Instead of Patreon shout outs, we're shouting out these causes:

Want to take the next step?

Things to read, listen to, and watch:

This podcast was recorded on June 4, 2020.
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Waking up
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