What's threatening our business?

"All of these eyeballs are giving me anxiety."
Jon and Justin talk turkey:
  • "I'm not used to all this attention. it’s weird. not bad, just…not used to it."
  • "If you're doing anything interesting out in the world, you're gonna have people get mad about something at some point." – Rob Walling
  • "There's a bit of imposter syndrome; like, do we deserve this?"
  • It's more about the way you orient yourself than setting a specific destination.
  • Bootstrapping podcasts: Art of Product, Bootstrapping SaaS, Slow & Steady, Bright & Early, Build your SaaS, Bootstrapping Web, Startups for the Rest of Us, Getting to Ramen, Bootstrapping Digest, Product Journey.
  • How big is podcasting really?
  • (29:11) – This new season of Gimlet's "Startup" podcast is fascinating: it reveals info about the podcast industry that we just didn't know before. 
  • Halt and Catch Fire – is this show too weird?
  • Podcasting has always grown slowly.
  • What are some of the risks, or threats, to our business?
  • How do podcasters build an audience?

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What's threatening our business?
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