Is it a good idea to be a transparent startup?

We've started our 6-week dev cycle.

Jon and Justin discuss:
  • Good mics for podcasters. Justin recommends the Samson Q2U and the ATR2100. Make sure you get a pop filter!
  • Starting our 6-week cycle (based on Basecamp's Shape Up)
  • Working through unknowns for software projects: "Where do we start?"
  • What's it been like being a transparent startup? Is it still a good idea?
  • "It feels less and less comfortable, and I don't know why." – Jon
  • "All people see is the revenue numbers; they don't understand what's happening underneath those numbers." – Justin
  • "Wait a second. Bootstrapped startups are different: the goal isn't to change the way people behave, it's to recognize where people are already in motion."
  • How long should you work on an idea before you quit?

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