What's your sustainable competitive advantage?

A chat with Nathan Baschez (Substack, Gimlet, Product Hunt)
Justin is interviewed by Nathan Baschez to talk about business strategy:

"Every strategy is really just a theory: “We bet if we do x, then y will happen. In business, the 'y' that people are usually aiming for is some sort of sustainable competitive advantage." – Nathan Baschez

This is a long episode, but it's a good one!
  • What made Jon and Justin feel like they had an advantage in podcasting?
  • Original hypothesis: "Maybe we could be to podcasting, what WPengine was to WordPress hosting. Or what Wistia was to video hosting." How did that work out?
  • Nathan's take on the podcast industry from his experience working for Gimlet.
  • When should you focus on a niche?


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What's your sustainable competitive advantage?
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