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The challenges of being in (the wrong) business

Don't optimize for the horse you're riding if you're riding the wrong horse

What happens tomorrow?

Advice for new software founders going into 2020

A Christmas Eve SEO scare

Predictions for 2020

Should you build an audience first?

Some unpopular opinions on bootstrapping

How did we do on last year's predictions?

We tried to see the future

What should we do in 2020?

Tired turkey talk

Why we stopped sharing our revenue numbers

Should you be an "open startup?"

Throwing computers off a tall building

What happens when you get a bug before bedtime

Why did this take so long?

First commit was six months ago!!!

Desktop life

What does Jon think of Tailwind CSS?

Limitless growth!

Wrestling with capitalism, SSO, and our spending

"Launched" with quotation marks

Are we flailing now that our first cycle has ended?

What's threatening our business?

"All of these eyeballs are giving me anxiety."

$30k in MRR – how does this feel?

Hot topics

How do you even sleep at night?

A lot of business owners have a hard time sleeping; what can be done about it?

Bootstrapping loneliness

No safety nets – there's going to be some injuries

Is it a good idea to be a transparent startup?

We've started our 6-week dev cycle.

How much MRR is enough?

Also: will paid podcast feeds be a thing?

Change is in the air

Do you feel it?

The constant feature release cycle

How could we enjoy the journey more?


Two peanut butter banana sandwiches at 2am

How we're Shaping Up

Lots of feedback on our last episode with Jason Fried

Jason Fried wants to delete our backlog

Also: it's our 1-year launchiversary!

No sleep 'till Brooklyn (what we learned in New York)

Justin visits Spotify, Chartable, and many others. Jon found an office!

Once you launch, you're immediately behind

We want to improve the app, but we're stuck fixing bugs!

Your backlog is making me thirsty

Jon had a bit of anxiety about a growing backlog of new features and ideas.

What if there's an accident?

Also: tips for working on your own.

Jon's big announcement

Jon makes an overdue announcement about the future of Transistor.

I want to work at Transistor.fm

Bootstrapping, starting a software company, getting traction, finding cofounders?

We took funding (from our customers)

How we're going to use investment to fuel Transistor's growth

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