Your backlog is making me thirsty

Jon had a bit of anxiety about a growing backlog of new features and ideas.

Justin and Jon dive into the growing backlog of features, bugs and tasks, and talk about how they might better manage it as a two-person team. A big new milestone is reached!
  • Jon had a bit of anxiety over the growing backlog in Clubhouse
  • New ideas were being thrown into an unscheduled list, but weren't yet actionable.
  • Some ideas can be left alone for awhile and revisited to see if they're still worthwhile.
  • Ben Orenstein wants to delete your entire backlog.
  • 6 week cycles like Basecamp does might help out - but what does that mean for a tiny team?
  • We hit $20K in MRR in under a year!

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Show notes:

  • Basecamp's new online book: Shape Up
  • Ben Orenstein's tweet: "My new consulting engagement: you pay me $10,000 and I delete your project’s backlog while explaining that nothing of value has been lost."

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