No sleep 'till Brooklyn (what we learned in New York)

Justin visits Spotify, Chartable, and many others. Jon found an office!

Big week. Justin was in New York and Jon found an office!
  • Justin lost his voice.
  • Jon doesn't work from home or coffee shops anymore.
  • Jon found an office: "It’s inexpensive, but quiet, with nice people in a nice area. Inexpensive enough to where I won’t feel bad if I do want to work elsewhere once in a while."
  • Justin's Spotify visit (very interesting).
  • Laracon conference on Times Square (Justin was the MC and gave a talk)
  • Met with a few customers:
  • Justin also met with his friend Nathan who now works at Happy Cog and went out with a mutual friend (Mike) who introduced him to someone who works for Amazon, and another fellow who does BizDev & Strategy for Sony Music Global.
  • Jon: “This all would have exhausted me!” ;)

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