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Money: how to get it (and how we spend it).

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Main topic: money

  • Should your startup get funding?
  • Quotes:
    • Joel Gascoigne, founder of Buffer: “Easy to sell away your ownership and control without realizing what it will mean. The industry seems to normalize and make people feel like it's a given that they can't grow with their company.”
    • John O’Nolan, founder of Ghost: “This is so important. I had the exact same experience in a startup accelerator. All these wealthy smart people telling me that there was no way to succeed without taking capital. They are VERY good at convincing people of that”
    • “Growing fast and health are nearly mutually exclusive”
  • Pros to funding: it’d be nice to move faster.
  • Cons to funding: you lose control, your forced to move faster than you might like (or need to).

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