SaaS pricing advice from Rob Walling and Patrick Campbell

We asked Patrick Campbell (Price Intelligently) and Rob Walling (Drip) to help us with our pricing tiers.

Jon and Justin are probably 1-2 months away from the launch of That means we need to figure out pricing.

“In your early stage two things are essential: your customer focus, and your value metric. If you can nail these two things (even if you get everything else wrong) you’re typically fine." – Patrick Campbell

We've both worked in SaaS before, but we're trying to not pretend we know everything. We want to do this right, so we reached out to two experts this week: Patrick Campbell (from Price Intelligently) and Rob Walling (from Drip).

"I can only think of a couple ways to charge more than your competitors. First, have features that no one else has (that people are willing to pay for). Or, you can position yourself differently by saying: 'we are the podcast host for businesses.' Or, you can do high-touch sales. The sales process allows you to charge more." – Rob Walling

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