Six screens and a power glove

Why we’re using Ruby on Rails in 2018, and Justin's hilarious live chat experience.

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You asked us:
"What's your tech stack for Transistor?"
In this episode, Jon goes into the nerd stuff. What programming language, frameworks, and infrastructure we're using to build our SaaS.

What we recommend:

  • Programming language: use what you know!
  • Make sure you can connect to the community (both local and on the web)
  • Hosting: use Heroku if you don’t have DevOps experience, AWS is great if you know how to configure it
  • Database: MySQL is fine, we use Postgres (good community + features)
  • Design framework: Semantic UI, or Bootstrap
  • Repos: GitHub
  • Most important: Get something running as quickly as you can (and into the hands of customers!).

Show notes:

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