Interesting ways you can use a podcast

Ideas on why you should podcast, and how you can use your podcast to reach your goals

Why do you want to start a podcast?
Ideas on how you can use your podcast to reach your goals:
  • Private feed just for your team / employees
  • Q&A: get users, customers, audience to leave you a voicemail. Answer 1 question per week.
  • Interview your customers: interview 1 customer per week. Ask them about their business, how they’re using your product.
  • Expert tips: if you’re a professional (lawyer, accountant, coach), give your listeners an actionable piece of advice every week. Give them one thing to improve every week.
  • Read your blog posts: already writing a blog post ever week? Just read it “audible” style for your audience.
  • Recycle your best talks / videos.
  • Conferences: give attendees a private feed of all the talks!
  • Share your journey.

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