How to find the right customers for your software business

There are different tiers of customers: B2C, B2B, B2Enterprise. Which is right for you?

In this episode, we talk about the different types of customers for a SaaS:
  • B to C: selling to consumers. Here, we'd think of products and services like Verizon, iPhone apps, etc...
  • B to Prosumer: selling to prosumers. Prosumers are power users; serious hobbyists. Sometimes, they earn a bit of money from their hobby. Examples: a photographer who shoots a few weddings a year, a painter who sells a few paintings on the side, or a podcaster who has a few supporters on Patreon.
  • B to Aspirational: selling to aspirational business owners. Rob Walling uses Pat Flynn's "Smart Passive Income" audience as an example. Sometimes called "wantrepreneurs," these are folks who are willing to invest money in their business startup. 
  • B to very small business: selling to solopreneurs, or teams of 2-3.
  • B to small business: this is selling to regular small businesses. Loosely defined as teams of 10-100.
  • B to enterprise: depending on the industry, "enterprise" might mean any company with more than 250 people. However, "large enterprise" is probably 5,000+.

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