How big of a market should you target?

Transistor's launch has felt different than other products we've been involved with

Jon and Justin share some honest updates about as they continue to build their SaaS (
  • Justin swears in this episode.
  • We're half way through 2019!?!
  • Jon is wondering if donuts are big in Canada.
  • Official Transistor start dates:
    • May 2017: actual incorporation date
    • January 2018: Jon and Justin sign partnership documents
    • August 2018: official launch
    • "Some days I feel like I've been doing 
  • Justin thinks business is a lot like fishing.
    • "Transistor's launch has felt different than other products I've been involved with."
  • Jon is debating whether some integrations are worth it: "The nature of the web and APIs are amazing but it sure does take up a lot of resources."

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