Counting beans and getting hit by a bus

Justin is worried about bandwidth costs and Jon is worried about getting hit by a bus.

This week, Jon and Justin are wrestling with some heavy startup founder topics:
  • What should your SaaS company's gross margins be?
  • How much is bandwidth going to cost us? How does it affect our margins?
  • Example: [Account A] does 495,000 downloads in a month, average file size is 8 MB, that’s 3960 GB of bandwidth in a month. If bandwidth is $0.01 per GB, that’s $39.60 just for bandwidth for that one account. And that’s if we can get it that cheap. Otherwise, we’d pay $198 on AWS, or Azure. If we used Google Cloud it’d be $316.
  • The burden of keeping our service up rests on Jon's shoulders. How can we reduce the risk?
  • How can we increase platform resiliency, automation, and improve our internal customer service tools?

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